Prospectus and Admissions Procedure

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Greenhaugh First School Prospectus 2018 - 2019

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Complaints procedure

Key Stage 1 assessment data and National data

Home School Agreement



Children are admitted to school, full time in the September following their fourth birthday.  Reception and Pre-school children take part in regular collaborative sessions.  In the second half of the summer term, new starters are invited to stay at school for 3 or 4 afternoons after their pre-school session, followed by a full day on Transition day.  An informal meeting for new intake parents is held in the summer term where uniform can be purchased and a ‘Starting School’ booklet is given out.  Children will visit their class in school during the summer term, to become better acquainted with their classroom and teacher


ALL parents must complete a Parental Preference Form, either on-line or a paper copy.  The application forms are sent from Admissions at County Hall to all parents of children due to enter reception in the following September.  This generally happens in the Autumn of the year previous to when a child will start school.  There will be a closing date advertised on the documentation for this process so be aware and complete any applications before or by this date.  For more information on admissions please visit

Where the number of applications exceeds the places offered, parents have the right to appeal.

Appeals procedure

In the event of a parent making an appeal, this will be dealt with by the Director of Childrens Services.